I (Duncan) and my team at DKY Photography, we specialise in Wedding Photography and Videography, Professional Portraits, Family Portraits (including pets), themed portrait shoots, Modelling portfolio, Fantasy Art, Corporate & Charity events, Private parties and function. 


We have also Filmed Fitness DVDs, You tube Commercials, Video taped live band, conferences and workshops... We do all the editing, art work, motion graphics, dvd menu and etc.


My team and I are down to earth people, we all love to have fun and share in your joy and happiness. We love our work and we will make as enjoyable as possible for our clients. We open to all ideas and we make sure you get the results you desire. Feel free to contact us with your ideas.


A Big Congratulations to Jaclyn & James

Jaclyn and James got married on the weekend, 8th March 2014. The wedding was perfect. Knowing Jaclyn and James for over a year now, it felt like I've always known them. To get the best photos I've learnt to let myself go. In doing so I feel all their emotions from the planning stages, to the stress leading up to the wedding day, the excitement on wedding day and the happiness after the wedding, every smile, every laughter and every tear. I always end up falling in love with my clients and it's no different here. I have fallen in love with Jaclyn and James.... I can feel their love for each other every step of the way and that is the beauty of my profession. To embrace love and to capture these emotions that truly tells the story.


Congratulations guys! We wish them the very best for the future!




Duncan & the team

A Big Congratulations to Racquel & James

Racquel and James had a wonderful ceremony and reception at the Joondalup Resort. We had a wonderful time covering Racquel and James' wedding.

Here is a teaser of their wedding photos.


We wish you all the Best!!