How many photos do you take?

I take as many photos as I can. There isn’t a limit or any restriction on the number of photos. Once I see a moment I capture it including funny and awkard moments. I take them all as they tell your wedding story.


How many photos do I receive?

You will receive all the images taken on the day. There is no limit. They will be presented to you in a USB Flash drive with a personalised photo USB Box.


Do you travel interstate, overseas or outside of Perth?

Yes, We love to travel. If you are getting married oversea or interstate or outside of Perth we would love to cover your wedding.


I’m having a small wedding as we can’t afford much, what can you do to help us?

If you having a small wedding we can assist you and cover your wedding photography for free. To us wedding is a big day and I don’t anyone to miss out, everyone deserves good quality images. For more details contact Duncan on 0412388820 or email info@dkyphotography23.com


How would you describe your Photography Style?

I am very versatile. No two weddings are the same. I take every wedding as a new project. I go through the process of meeting my clients and learning what their interests are, what they are like and they I’ll look at the venues and the time of day and I like to try something new everytime so that your wedding photos and video are unique and exclusive to you. I am very artistic and creative, you’ll find me seeking an element on locations that inspires me and I’ll use it to create amazing images and video for you.


What happens if you are sick or injured on the day of the event/wedding?

I don’t work alone and I have a professional team supporting me. If for some unknown reason I’m sick or injured and unable to attend your wedding I will have a professional photographer covering your wedding. I’ve worked with a number of photographers and there is one professional photographer that supports me all the time and he has a very good understanding of my style and I bring him along to all my meetings with clients so he will have an understanding what is required. If you have a large event I am associated with the camera club and I have a pool of professional photographers who can assist me covering your event.


What type of equipment you use?

For photos I use professional full frame Canon DSLR camera with professional L-Lens which are glass lenses with on camera and off camera flash. I have an assistant who helps me lighting so that I can be creative and fabricate sunshine on a cloudy day.

For Video we use a professional Sony Video Camera with Rodes NTG-3 Microphone, voice recorders and we have an in-house sound expert. We understand sound is very important on the video. You want to capture your vows and speeches clearly.


When can we expect our photos?

Depending on my workload. Normally it can take 2 to 6 weeks. With permission from the client I normally post a couple images the very next day on facebook and tag the client and I put together a music slideshow for the client to enjoy and share with friends and family who missed the wedding.


We are interested in booking you what is the next step?

The next step is catch up and put everything we have discussed into an agreement. It doesn’t matter if we are good friends, it’s best to have everything in writing so we are clear on what the terms and conditions are. Once the agreement is signed I will need a deposit to secure the booking. The deposit is non-refundable and the remaining balance is due 7 days prior to the wedding. I like to meet up with my clients at least 7 days before the wedding and run through our schedule with them so they know where each of my team members are and when, so there is no surprises.